Tips for Building Awards Submisson

Writing Tips

  • The quality of the submission can “make or break” even the best project, so clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing is a must! 
  • With a strong outline to begin with, you can embellish each point and create a logical order for each explanation. 
  • If you had to tell a colleague what made your project unique and interesting, what would you say 1st? Highlight those salient points in your opening statements. 
  • Wherever possible, describe your role and what you did that was unusual, difficult, or above and beyond your expected duties in order to sole a problem or achieve client satisfaction. 
  • Submissions come alive in the details. Be sure to communicate heights, widths, distances, sizes, shapes, materials used, etc. to give the judges a true image of the project. 


  • The judging panel consists of industry professionals who are unaffiliated with the applicants 
  • There are 3 steps in the judging process: 
    • Judges will familiarize themselves with the electronic submissions. Each project is evaluated by each judge individually. 
    • The evaluations are compared and a short list of finalists will be chosen in each category if there is not a clear winner based on the submission alone. 
    • Some “short list” projects require a site visit and further discussion. If your project is selected for a site visit, this is an important time to have your project managers “sell” the project to the judges. Often an enthusiastic project manager with a passion for that project has helped to win the judges over.