Dick Vermeil at the 2017 GBCA Annual Meeting

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On January 23, 2017, GBCA hosted our 127th Annual Meeting. The keynote speaker was arguably one of the best speakers we've ever had. 

Coach Dick Vermeil gave an inspiring motivational speech regarding the principle of being a good leader. Below you will find some key takeaways from his speech. 

Click on the video to watch him in action! 

Principles of being a good leader:

  1. Care: Care enough to praise and to hold people to standards – to correct them

  2. When your actions speak for themselves, everybody listens

  3. Build and create an atmosphere in which people enjoy coming to work together

  4. Define a plan: Give them a plan you believe in that includes your vision and value system

  5. Bring energy to the workplace: Hard work is a solution to your problem

  6. Build Relationships

  7. Be sincere: It takes a long time to establish credibility. If you are not sincere you’ll never have credibility


Your coaching will not be determined by how many games you win, but by how you handle the losses.

If you really want to motivate someone:
- Recognition
- Appreciation
- Praise


Delegation is not a sign of laziness, it is a sign of confidence in your people

Define, Delegate, and Lead


If you have integrity nothing else matters, if you don’t have integrity nothing else matters.


Not everyone really wants to hear the truth when they ask for it. Sometimes the truth hurts but if you do tell the truth you are showing a deep level of integrity.


The future belongs to you, hold yourself accountable.