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GBCA Membership Spotlight: April 10, 2017

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For three generations, the Sautter family has been providing safe and reliable crane service. Over the years, Sautter Crane’s fleet has grown in size and sophistication and now includes one of the largest all terrain cranes in the Philadelphia area. In fact, Sautter Crane is the first destination in the United States for Liebherr’s newest four-axle all-terrain crane.

Tool Box Talk: Struck By #1

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April's Tool Box Talks focuses on Struck By accidents. The first of the series gives tips on roadway safety. Download this week's Tool Box Talk below: 

Secure the Jobsite: New Technologies are Helping to Make Jobsites More Safe

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Whether it’s from the massive machines on the jobsite, drones circling up above, or even the mobile devices used by workers and supervisors, the construction industry has the ability to connect man, machine and technology, enabling them to work side-by-side. And all this emerging technology will help the construction industry create a more secure jobsite.