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Upcoming Changes to the Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law Effective 12/31/16

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What it Means for Your Company 

Electrical Hazards

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One of OSHA’s Focus Four hazards, hazards which result in the most construction fatalities, is Electrocution.  It takes very little electricity to cause serious injury or harm.  Common household current ranges from 15 to 30 amps.  It takes less than 100 milliamps to cause cardiac standstill.

Train your employees to inspect electrical equipment to ensure that it is in good repair.  Inspect all extension cords for cuts in the insulation or missing insulation.  Never use an extension cord with a missing ground prong.

Supervisory Training Program (STP)

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Through the GBCA’s support, the Carpenters JAC offers their members the Supervisory Training Program (STP) as a 6-unit, year-long journeyman upgrade course. Do you have someone on your team who could benefit from this program? Contact Barbara Hagan at 215-824-2300 for more information on how to sign up a carpenter today. Unit 1 starts January 2nd.