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GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: October 23, 2018

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This week’s GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk discusses hazards that come up with the change of seasons, specifically in autumn:


Each season brings its own specific hazards. Be prepared!


Safety is a way of life: Plan for your future.

Get Lean with the Last Planner System

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The Last Planner® System (LPS) is a realistic way to collaboratively manage project-based production. It enables issues to be identified and resolved and increases the chances that workflows and projects are completed on time. Simply put, LPS is exactly what its namesake suggests, a system that engages last planners—the people ultimately responsible for getting the work done—in the planning and efficient execution of a project.

Philadelphia Plumbing Code Update Allows More Use of Plastic Pipes

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After months of negotiation between residential builders, the plumbers union, and the City of Philadelphia, the city’s plumbing code will be updated to allow for more use of plastic pipes in residential buildings, including some high-rise residential buildings.

Under Philadelphia’s current plumbing code, plastic piping can only be used in residential buildings of three stories or less, or in buildings with four or fewer dwelling units. The updated code will now allow the cheaper, plastic pipes in residential buildings of up to 75 feet in height, meaning five to six stories.