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Meet the Developers: March 27, 2019

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With new developments, redevelopments and construction projects underway, Philadelphia is experiencing an exciting period of growth. As the perceptions of Center City’s boundaries change, we invite you to meet some of the city’s innovative developers, builders, architects and engineers – the visionaries who are driving changes to Philadelphia’s skyline and expanding neighborhoods.


OSHA’s Silica by the Numbers Update

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OSHA is continuing its efforts to enforce its new silica rule. The construction rule became enforceable in October 2017, and the general industry rule in July 2018. The rule mandates employers limit workers’ exposure to breathable silica dust by using such measures as vacuuming, using water to control dust, and installing air filtering systems. Having workers wear respirators is allowed when other measures fail, or are not feasible.

In fiscal year 2018, OSHA conducted 381 inspections related to the silica rule, and about 70 percent resulted in citations.

OSHA Increases Excavation Inspections

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OSHA’s Philadelphia Area Office continues to place special emphasis on construction inspections throughout its tri-county jurisdiction: Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester Counties. Right now, Trenching Hazards are the focus of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program.

OSHA personnel are being instructed to stop and engage with contractors performing excavation work.

If you have any questions about trench safety, contact GBCA Director of Safety Services, Frank Durso, at fdurso@gbca.com.