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ENR MidAtlantic Construction Start Forecast

04/17/2019 - Posted in GBCA News byronlee Comments (0)

ENR MidAtlantic has released its Construction Starts Forecast for the Philadelphia Region. In general, ENR sees a dip in total construction spending in 2019. Some starts are also limited by non-construction-related factors, such as the Wells Fargo Center renovation summer start date being dependent on the length of the 76ers season.

GBCA member PJ Dick is also the Firm in Focus. Founded in 1979, the firm was recently awarded AGC of America’s 2018 Construction Safety Excellence Award.

Success Comes from Leadership that Motivates a Culture of Innovation

04/14/2019 - Posted in GBCA News byronlee Comments (0)

At the 2019 National Convention of the Associated General Contractors, Matt Steere, Construction Strategist at Autodesk, and Aaron Phillips, VDC Director at Danis Building Construction Co., spoke about how successful companies usually have leaders who create a culture that grows talent and fosters innovation.

Hard Hatted Woman Documents Grit and Love of Construction

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only 9.1% of the construction industry workforce, and most of these positions are as construction professionals in the office. Only 1.2% of trades workers are women. For women in the trades, however, the gender pay gap is narrower than in other industries: women earn (on average) 95.7% of what men earn, compared to the national average pay gap of 81.1%.