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Through your membership at GBCA you have access to many great AGC of America programs and events. Below is additional information on AGC's Advanced Management Program and their Construction Project Manager Course. Register through GBCA today!

Advanced Management Program

For construction leaders on the rise, no program provides a more comprehensive, uniquely focused program than AGC's Advanced Management Program (AMP). Suited for chief executives and senior-level management in construction, this premier weeklong program has been helping industry decision-makers amplify their business expertise and emerge as leaders in the industry. For 25 years, this program has produced an elite society of graduates that includes top leaders throughout the construction marketplace. AMP also provides an exceptional opportunity to sculpt future decision-makers and C-suite executives tapped to take the reins. 

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Construction Project Manager Course

In the competitive construction industry, the need for training is more vital than ever. Organizations that devote resources to professional development are more likely to see higher productivity and greater efficiency. On-the-job training can provide crucial knowledge to perform tasks at hand, but the best professionals constantly seek to learn about new techniques to improve their performance on site and in the office. 

The AGC Construction Project Manager Course (PMC) provides project managers the chance to hone the skills necessary to work more efficiently, increase productivity and propel your construction business to the next level. 

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Higher Education Institutions

Several local educational institutions offer both four-year, Associate, and Graduate degrees in Construction Management and Civil Engineering, among others. We’ve partnered with the following higher education institutions on our GBCA Sponsored Education Courses. You can learn more about each school on their website:

Apprentice Programs

Close to 20 separate apprentice training programs are available in the Greater Philadelphia area. These typically combine on the job training with classroom instruction. To learn more about apprenticeship opportunities contact the Philadelphia Apprenticeship Coordinators Association (PACA).

Apprenticeships are available through one of the Philadelphia area building trades’ apprenticeship programs.

Mentorship Opportunities Programs

ACE Mentor Program of Eastern PA

More information about the ACE Mentor Program

More information about High School Partners

Charter High School for Architecture + Design (CHAD)

More information about Charter High School for Architecture + Design

Mercy Vocational High School

More information about the Mercy Vocational High School

University Alliances

University Alliances

Community College of Philadelphia

PennState Abington

Philadelphia University


Temple Engineering

University of Delaware