Sales Solutions Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative company specializing in the promotion and marketing of leading fall protection, work zone safety, and Personal Protective Products throughout the East Coast.

Their sales representatives visit your location; review your applications; and show you a range of products that meet federal, state, and local regulations. Their representatives also provide follow-up on-site product training to ensure proper use and maintenance of safety products they represent.

Their mission is to be of service to users of safety products by being subject matter experts on safety standards from OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, NFPA, DOT, FHWA NIOSH, etc. They combine their expertise of safety standards, knowledge of the latest safety products and experience with actual work practices to help you keep workers safe.  They offer free safety audits and show you the latest technology, so you can select the quality of product that fits your budget, solves your problem, and keeps your workers safe.  Sales Solutions works with the distributors that you choose to do business with to make sure you get a competitive price and on time delivery.

Mike Costantino is President. George Stallings is Vice President and Brian Devaney is the PA and South Jersey Territory Sales Manager.