GBCA is looking for input on the construction industry’s parking needs in the City of Philadelphia.

On May 23, a bill was introduced in Philadelphia City Council to increase the cost of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s (PPA) Contractor Parking Permit from $150 to $600. The bill also proposed an increase in fines for violators of the program from $100 to $1,000.

Read the bill:

After an outpouring of calls, emails, and letters from contractors, Councilman Mark Squilla decided to hold the bill for further dialogue between City Officials and industry stakeholders. The bill was heard at the Streets Committee Hearing on Wednesday, June 5th at 10am. It was NOT voted on during that meeting.

Thank you to the GBCA members who contacted Councilman Squilla and the PPA.

Dialogue and debate over this bill will continue over the summer. GBCA will look for a reasonable approach that will both manage costs and help the PPA address the congestion on our city streets.

GBCA is gathering information from contractors on how the permit is being used so that we can communicate the industry’s needs to the City and the PPA.

If you have any input, please contact GBCA Director of Industry Relations Lance Claiborne at