Excellence in Safety Award Application

The Excellence in Safety Award recognizes a general contractor or specialty contractor that holds the highest level of safety standards for their employees and others with whom they work. The recipient organization has been successful in promoting safety within the company and throughout the industry.

Excellence in Safety Award Applications are due by Monday, September 30, 2019 at 11:59pm.

GBCA Construction Excellence Awards
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  • Submissions for the Construction Excellence Awards are $350 and will not be approved until payment is received. Payment information can be found on confirmation page of entry submission.

  • Excellence in Safety Application


  • Please use the guidelines below to craft your company’s letter to the safety contest judges. Consider:

    • How employees participate in safety decision making.
    • How safety is made a priority.
    • How safety is communicated.
    • Whether there is a written safety policy.
    • Whether there is one or more safety coordinator.
    • Whether safety is budgeted.
    • How imminent dangers are handled.
    • Whether safety is embodied in contract documents.
    • Whether there is a pre-qualification process considering safety.
    • Whether company rules are more stringent than OSHA standards.
    • Whether company uses a job safety analysis.
    • How hazard communication is administered.
    • How unsafe conditions are reported.
    • Location of first aid resources.
    • Policies on personal protective equipment.
    • Whether there is an emergency action plan.
    • Whether there is a disciplinary program for safety.
    • What is extent of formal employee safety training.
    • How fall protection is administered.
    • Your Silica Program.
    • Whether there is a blood borne pathogens exposure control plan.
    • Whether workplace violence and harassment are addressed.
    • How safety is coordinated project wide.
    • Whether safety is the subject of project pre-planning.

  • Letter to Safety Judges

    INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit your letter to the Safety Judges explaining why the company should be recognized. Explain what sets your company apart from others when it comes to safety. The judges will look for evidence of management commitment, employee participation, safety training, hazard identification and control as well as safety program innovation.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, doc.
    Upload your completed OSHA 300A form

Please direct questions to Lauren Hanan at lhanan@gbca.com or Byron Lee at blee@gbca.com.