Strong and active committees

Our strong and active committee system has contributed to the long-term success of GBCA. The committees are designed to capitalize on the unique knowledge, expertise and capabilities that our individual members possess, which in turn helps to support and advance all member companies. In addition to GBCA committees, association members also serve on national AGC committees and represent contractor, subcontractor and service provider points of view on various industry subjects.

Our committees include:

Executive Committee – is the pulse of the association, directing and monitoring the policies and finances of the organization.

AIA/GBCA Joint Committee – Works with the American Institute of Architects Philadelphia Chapter on issues of mutual interest.

Construction Leadership Council – The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was established to fulfill the need to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. The CLC is a conduit for participants to network, exchange ideas about work and the industry, serve local communities, continue professional development, and develop leadership skills.

Education Committee – helps establish the program agenda and course curricula available to eligible GBCA member employees , and works to facilitate professional development opportunities and student involvement.

Government Affairs Committee – monitors and addresses legislative, regulatory and public policy matters, keeping GBCA in the forefront of topical and emerging issues that impact the industry on local, state and national levels.

Labor Policy Committee – set labor policy for the association and works to ensure a stable and productive relationship between management and affiliated labor unions.

Membership Committee – supports association membership development activities. 

Safety Committee – Promotes workplace safety and supports the efforts of contractor members to maintain accident-free job sites.

Technology Committee – Raises awareness of the affect technology can have on projects and the industry, and raise the competency of our members to leverage technology for the betterment of their projects and companies.