Building Safer, Together

Committed to promoting and ensuring worksite safety, GBCA plays a vital role in providing access to safety-related trainings, resources, and best practices.

As a member firm, you can reduce risk and enhance workplace safety by taking advantage of direct access to our Safety Services Department’s professional guidance, network of organizational resources, safety programs and educational materials.

Safety Offerings

Offered throughout the year our robust selection of courses and seminars allows you to attend or share a range of informative safety training programs, accessible on our Events page.

  • Access to our Safety Consultant for onsite or telephone safety conversations.
  • Our Toolbox Talk Toolkit provides members access to hundreds of toolbox talks covering everything from general safety to the focus four, and more.
  • Held three times per year, GBCA’s Eggs with OSHA programs provides timely safety discussions as well as direct access to Local Area and Regional OSHA contacts who provide OSHA regulatory developments, guidance and support to GBCA members.
  • OSHA incident reporting assistance, investigation, and follow up for both “recordable” and “non-recordable” incidents, including related forms, reports and posting requirements. OSHA inspection and citation assistance, and mock OSHA inspections can be provided upon request.
  • Periodic OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour safety training instruction provides certified safety training on general construction standards.
  • Safety program review or development, safety meeting instruction, development or review of JHAs, and assistance with on-site safety inspections.
  • Formal safety and health audits to ensure safety policies and procedures are OSHA compliant.
  • Advocacy efforts and support with Department of Licensing & Inspection developments and proposed regulations that may impact commercial construction.
  • Free to GBCA members, our Silica Compliance Program includes templated company policies, JHAs, a copy of the OSHA directive, discounted access to air sample testing equipment, and access to a historical task-related sampling database.
  • Standardized drug and alcohol policy template for company wide use, both labor and management.
  • A Safety Committee consisting of industry experts that helps guide the safety offerings, trainings, and programming of GBCA.

GBCA Safety Committees

It is our mission to provide educational resources and support to our members to create, promote, and lead a safety culture that defines how we build in the Philadelphia area. By promoting individual experiences, technology, and best work practices, we will help support the membership to build safe and productive projects. We will work to ensure that everyone can return home the same way they came to work.

The GBCA Safety Committee is currently chaired by Mary Pat Geppert, President, Geppert Brothers Construction and the staff liaison is Angela Hendrix, Senior Director of Training & Workforce Development, GBCA.

Toolbox Talks

GBCA produces weekly Toolbox Talks that are distributed in our News At A Glance newsletter, on our blog, and in our Toolbox Toolkit. The Toolbox Talk Toolkit provides a library of GBCA’s Toolbox Talks: three featured Toolbox Talks, access to our entire library of Toolbox Talks, and resources for giving Toolbox Talks, including how to give an effective toolbox talk and how to conduct a paperless toolbox talk.

GBCA’s Toolbox Talks are mobile-friendly and we have an electronic sign-in sheet so that our Toolbox Talks can be done without paper. You can also access the Toolbox Talk Toolkit by QR code. Download our Toolbox Talk Toolkit QR Code Poster to post it on your jobsite.

Allies In Safety

We develop and maintain organizational alliances with the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council (MACSC), the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), City of Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), among others. Through these relationships, GBCA can help you maximize the safety of your worksites, assist in the preparation for OSHA inspections or resolve possible OSHA violations.


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