Forward Thinking.

GBCA maintains collaborative relationships with general presidents and business managers of the various building trades, other trade associations and negotiating teams to discuss critical issues to help ensure productive relationships and facilitate business opportunities. We also administer seven trade agreements in counties across Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Collective Bargaining

GBCA provides guidance and opinions throughout the year by tapping into the extensive knowledge base contained within the Labor Policy Committee and through its expansive network of labor policy experts. The Labor Policy Committee manages up to 6 contractor-based negotiating teams that are responsible for leading negotiations with our affiliated trades: Carpenters, Cement Masons, Drywall Finishers, Laborers, Operating Engineers, Plasterers and Rodsetters.

Labor Documents and Resources

GBCA shares labor resources and documents, such as wage rate charts, with its membership through a SharePoint page. Access to these documents is based on companies’ GBCA membership levels and the bargaining rights members have assigned to GBCA.

To access GBCA’s Labor Resources page, click below and you will be directed to sign in using the email address that we have on file.

If you have any questions about accessing GBCA’s Labor Resources page, please call our office at 215-568-7015, option 6.

Conflict Resolution

GBCA actively works to resolve labor disputes. Through GBCA’s Labor Policy Committee, members meet with representatives of the trades to address critical industry matters such as competitive solutions and worker eligibility programs. When necessary, the Labor Policy Committee meets to discuss jurisdictional disputes and develop solutions that support and reinforce the right to award work to the most economic and efficient contractor.

Data Tracking

GBCA tracks industry man-hours across trades and monitors national and regional labor developments. In addition, GBCA maintains an industry-wide wage and benefit database. This information is a valuable resource to all of our industry stakeholders.

IAP & Financial Guarantee Administration

GBCA provides administrative oversight for the association’s Industry Advancement Program (IAP) and its financial guarantee for payment of fringe benefit funds. The IAP is administered solely by GBCA and used specifically for the advancement of the local construction industry.

The IAP is established within most collective bargaining agreements and mandates that employer contributions shall be paid for each employee working under that agreement. The IAP provides the resources to carry out much-needed industry-wide programs that benefit the construction industry and GBCA members.

IAP-funded initiatives benefit many segments of the construction industry, and the public sector has also benefited from GBCA’s involvement in labor and industry relations, safety, education, apprentice training, advocacy, market development and research.