The Five Minute Foreman Workshop

The Five Minute Foreman Workshop provides concrete lessons for field leader improvement. Designed in a manner to make an immediate impact on field operations, foremen will walk away knowing exactly what to do and say to get better results from their crews, and on their projects. Foremen will gain insight to understand, and accept, the role of manager and professional in representing their company and industry. Program includes a take home Action Plan for each participant.

The Five Minute Foreman Workshop

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Time: 8am – 12pm
Location: Carpenters Joint Apprentice Training Center of Philadelphia & Vicinity, 10401 Decatur Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154

Every participant will receive a copy of Mastering The People Side of Construction by Mark Breslin and access to an online video coaching educational series called The Professional Construction Leader (PCL). This book is all about giving foremen the tools and the time to grow and succeed. From this time investment will come the management, communication and people skills necessary to be a successful professional.

The PCL educational series delivers leadership lessons to your field leaders over the course of a year, with Mark Breslin as your Coach.

  • An On-Demand library of video coaching lessons accessible 24/7
  • All videos 2 to 3 minutes – brief but powerful
  • Follow up discussion questions to reinforce lessons
  • Short, practical and ready to put into action
  • Speaks the jobsite language
  • Videos include English/Spanish subtitles as user options

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is best suited for new or up-and-coming foremen.

Space is limited to 5 attendees per company at the moment.

About the Presenter, Mark Breslin:

Mark Breslin: As an active influencer, Mark’s 35+ years of experience in the construction industry will positively change your field leaders. Mark personally delivers each video lesson with passion and motivation, offering your team the strategies to push positive behaviors. Elevate your team to leadership success.

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