COVID-19 Paid Leave Requirements Under the FFCRA

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. After months of experience and additional guidance Susanin, Widman, Brennan & PC will join us to dive deeper into FFCRA and explore employer paid leave requirements.

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Length of Training: 90 Minutes

Safety’s Competitive Advantage

Compliance with state and federal regulations is the absolute minimum and does not ensure the safety and health of workers. Safety and health in today’s dynamic industry space must no longer be defined as the absence of harm and death. How do you turn safety into a competitive advantage, and what does the future hold for the profession entrusted with employee and customer well-being? This presentation highlights how professional development through accredited certification can change organizational culture and drive results through SH&E leadership.

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Length of Training: 60 Minutes

Social Media and Philadelphia’s Construction Industry

This webinar will cover why and how you should use social media to promote your construction company. This webinar is designed for both marketing professionals working in Philadelphia’s commercial construction industry as well as construction professionals who have been tasked with managing their companies’ social media presence. In this webinar you will learn: Why construction companies should use social media A brief explanation and comparison of social media platforms. What an effective, holistic social media strategy looks like. Tips on how to manage social media in a time/resource-conscious way. How to determine if your efforts are successful.

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101 Introduction to Construction Estimating ONLINE

101 Introduction to Construction Estimating is a self-paced online class which is the gateway to more complex and trade specific estimating courses. This online course is designed to help estimators polish their estimating skills and learn the basic skills that are absolutely required to produce successful construction estimates.

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Epic Strategies to Recruit and Retain Millennials in 2020 and Beyond with BirdDogHR

Millennials are posed to be the next power generation of workers. In 2019, millennials overtook the majority representation of the workforce and by 2030 this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce. Their ability to embrace and utilize technology is like no generation before them, yet their communication skills are different. Is your company prepared to recruit and retain these workers in a competitive market?

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From Kickoff to Closeout: How Technology is Changing the Data Turnover Conversation

Starting something is always easier than finishing it. Which is why there are so few change order closures, resolved punch lists items and completed final document packages during the closeout phase. Despite the proliferation of construction software, these challenges remain. According to industry research, turnover also represents a make or break moment for the relationship between contractors and owners. Learn how contractors and owners are rethinking the entire building life cycle as a single stream of data in order to hand over projects with ease, accuracy and far less manual data entry.

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Target Value Delivery: Leveraging Builder Expertise to Deliver a Better Building

Target Value Delivery is a set of lean design and construction practices developed from an understanding of lean principles that integrates the work of people planning, design, and constructing a building project. The intent is to develop a facility that aligns with the operational needs and values of the users, is delivered within an allowable budget, and promotes innovation throughout the development process.

This webinar will focus on Target Value Delivery from a builder’s perspective. It will include a brief introduction to lean design and construction, including background on the development of the Target Value Delivery. It will continue with a description of the builder’s role in each of the core practices, and conclude with a case study of how the practices were used on a recent project.

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BIM for Facilities Management: Partnering with Owners to Provide the Best Possible Product

We are surrounded by data everyday with more and more owners asking for more data to be delivered with each contract.  Building Information Management, BIM, is one example of how data is being collected by contractors large and small.  In this session we will engage with two leading healthcare organizations CHOP and UPENN Health System to talk about their ground-breaking projects and how they are using BIM to manage the information deluge.  This discussion will talk about how they each plan on using the data in their FM Systems and how they are partnering with the contractors to get the best possible product.

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Fire Alarm Requirements per the IBC

This presentation covers fire alarm system requirements per the IBC, including definitions, occupancy classifications and changes to the life safety systems aspects of the code.

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Changes to the Prompt Pay Act

Stanley B.Edelstein esq. from Fineman, Krekstein & Harris P.C. will walk through the Prompt Pay Act Bill and point out areas where the new laws will impact contractors and contracts for work performed in PA.

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