While GBCA is focused on advocacy year-round, during the month of September we’re raising awareness and funds for GBCA PAC! GBCA PAC is a vital tool used to extend GBCA’s influence and access to policy makers and to insure that we’re electing pro-construction candidates.


Did You Know?

GBCA is able to support pro-construction candidates at every level of government through its participation in three separate PACs.


Local: The General Building Contractors Association PAC (GBCA PAC) is a fund of voluntary personal contributions from our members. The GBCA PAC represents the individuals in GBCA who join together by giving financial support to provide a strong, collective voice on local issues.


State: A portion of the GBCA PAC fund is used to support the General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (GCAP) PAC. The GCAP PAC represents a collective voice for contractors on state issues.


Federal: The Associated General Contractors of America Political Action Committee (AGC PAC) gives GBCA members a collective voice in the election of federal officeholders. AGC PAC advances the legislative priorities of the GBCA by helping to elect the candidates most likely to support those priorities. The AGC PAC collects voluntary personal contributions from concerned members for use in making political contributions to candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.