Paul Horning of Clemens Construction Company was featured in the “Growing Greater Philadelphia” episode on Friday, May 4!

You can’t help but notice all the construction happening around our Greater Philadelphia region. Paul Horning of Clemens Construction Company chatted with Executive Director Matt Cabrey of Select Greater Philadelphia, a council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia about how his company has made their impact on the cityscape. Paul also discussed the talented work-pool that is used to create these impressive projects.

Click below to listen!


Stay tuned for more details about GBCA members in upcoming episodes!


About the Growing Greater Philadelphia Radio & Podcast Program

In 2018, GBCA is partnering with Select Greater Philadelphia and WPHT Talk Radio in a new initiative: the Growing Greater Philadelphia Radio & Podcast Program on WPHT Talk Radio 1210. The goal of this program is to promote the emerging and flourishing businesses and industry in the Greater Philadelphia Region to prove that Philadelphia is, now more than ever, a great place to live, work, and visit. This weekly, pre-recorded radio program will air weekly on WPHT Talk Radio. It will reach regional, national and global audiences through podcasts and online promotion. The programs will focus on the economic, business, technology, construction, real estate development projects, and more that are transforming northern Delaware, southern New Jersey, and southeastern Pennsylvania. GBCA will have commercials running on the air, as well as sponsor some of the online content.

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