The Navy Yard / Philadelphia, PA (April 25, 2017) – Graboyes Commercial Window Company announced the launch of a new Smart Buildings division providing automated building performance services.

As a leader in architectural and commercial window replacement in Greater Philadelphia and beyond, Graboyes Commercial has a long history of helping building owners create more efficient building envelopes. Now the firm has taken that core capability further. With the addition to its staff of extensive building performance expertise (including LEED AP certification, commercial energy auditing, envelope testing, energy modeling, data analytics, and energy-related financial offerings), the company also provides critical intelligence about the operation of other important building systems, such as HVAC and lighting.

“We will maintain and build upon this firm’s hard-earned legacy as a leader in architectural window replacement and historic renovation as we expand our smart-envelope and building-performance position within the sustainable building market,” said Ellis Guiles, P.E., LEED AP, owner / president of Graboyes Commercial.  

Building performance insight that empowers the facility management team for greater success

The Graboyes Smart Building staff will work as an extension of building owners’ property management teams, enhancing their work (and easing their busy schedules) with automated building performance offerings that optimize operations via actionable data, analysis, and guidance. Benefits to the facility management staff include (1) ongoing detailed understanding of deficiencies that can be proactively corrected to avoid costly repair or downtime and (2) valuable guidance on opportunities to fine tune building performance. Benefits to building owners include deep building performance insight, optimal comfort at the best energy efficiency, better tenant experience, and increased real estate value.

Two platforms of building performance service

Graboyes Commercial offers two platforms of service – the Smart Buildings Platform delivering curation, analysis, and actionable reporting of building automation data (a reasonable result would be an approximate 10-percent reduction in utility spend) and the Smart Buildings Platform Plus, which adds the research, consolidation, maintenance, and submission of the client’s Energy Star benchmarking information.


About Graboyes Commercial Window Company

Philadelphia-based Graboyes Commercial Window Company has served the diverse built environment of Greater Philadelphia and the surrounding region for more than 30 years. A Top-50 glazing contractor and leader in architectural window replacement, the company provides a seamlessly integrated window system solution under the direction and control of its own management team. From sales and design to engineering and installation, Graboyes Commercial works with architects, developers, building owners, construction managers, energy companies, and general contractors. Its team develops and installs window systems for historic restorations, new construction, and high-rise renovations.

With the addition of its Smart Buildings division, the firm also provides tools and expertise to apply critical intelligence about the operation of other important building systems, such as HVAC and lighting. As an extension of an owner’s facility management team, it provides automated building performance data, analysis, and guidance for smarter, more optimized building operation and increased real estate value.

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