Curbed Philly recently spotlighted 14 pieces of public art in Philadelphia, the first of a series of articles highlighting “play”: art, activities, parks, and more. These public art works are all large-scale pieces that required expertise in heavy-lifting for their respective installations. Construction companies are often expected to lift and move heavy objects, and they are the ones with the knowledge and skills necessary to move large precious objects such as public art safely and securely.

GBCA is proud to note that in this list, 8 of the works were moved and installed by GBCA member George Young Mammoet:

1. The Split Button by Claes Oldenburg, 3405 Woodland Walk
3. Rocky Statue by Thomas Schomberg, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
6. Freedom Wall Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis, 16th and Vine Streets
7. Clothespin Sculpture by Claes Oldenburg, Market and 15th Streets
8. LOVE Statue by Robert Indiana, LOVE Park
10. Government of the People by Jacques Lipchitz, 2-32 North Broad Street
11. Paint Torch by Claes Oldenburg, 1300-1399 Cherry Street
14. Old Man, Young Man, and The Future by Leonard Baskin, 220 Locust Street

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About George Young Mammoet

Founded in 1869, George Young Mammoet, then known as the George Young Company, was a family-owned business specialized in Rigging, Millwrighting, Specialized Heavy Hauling, Plant Relocation and Warehousing. In addition to heavy lifting of objects such as HVAC units, or even entire prefabricated rooms, the George Young Company was also known for moving large monuments and public art. The George Young Company was entrusted with moving the Liberty Bell multiple times.

In 2017, Mammoet acquired the George Young Company, which now runs as George Young Mammoet. In 2018, George Young Mammoet continued its work in moving public art when it moved the LOVE Statue onto its new platform in LOVE Park (pictured above).

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