On January 11, 2019, the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council held its Safety Professional of the Year Awards Luncheon at Yards Brewing Company. Mike Jayes, the Safety Director for TN Ward Company, was honored as the Safety Professional of the Year.

The award is given in recognition of outstanding leadership, dedication, and service in the field of construction safety. Congratulations, Mike! TN Ward Company is lucky to have you on its team!

Mike is a member of the GBCA Safety Committee.


About Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council

The Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council is a group of like-minded construction safety professionals dedicated to the protection of life and property in the construction industry. Our efforts are directed towards, but not limited to: sharing safety information for our mutual benefit, fostering safety awareness, standardizing safety practices, encouraging cooperation and open communications, providing a resource of knowledge, experience and information and assisting contractors with implementing and maintaining safe work practices.