The Philadelphia region has been experiencing rapidly changing and sometimes extreme weather this 2017-2018 winter season. Weather conditions can impact the job site, from delays in the types of work that can take place, to safety issues for site workers. Available technologies can help document and address weather issues, particularly if weather creates delays.

From AGC Tech Brief:

General Project Management Issues

Proper management and due diligence concerning weather events involves documentation. In any litigation or dispute, the best defense is supported by accurate record keeping. Can your company provide documentation that work schedules were disrupted by weather? The importance of keeping good daily logs to show how weather specifically affected a project cannot be stressed enough. …

Technology can give construction supervisors a better way to manage and document weather-related issues. Cloud-based daily construction reporting software makes it easy and convenient to document weather conditions as well as related delay and safety issues.

The best daily reporting software can automatically capture weather data, including emergency notifications, multiple times a day instead of relying on manually entering the information. Real-time notification features can keep project managers and stakeholders informed.

Work Scheduling Issues

When severe weather strikes, it can create a self-reinforcing cycle of delays as crews sit idle, tying up resources and missing progress milestones. …

By allowing managers to remotely track weather conditions at multiple jobsites, construction reporting software can help managers better allocate existing labor and plan work schedules to increase construction efficiency. Although weather might delay work at one site, laborers could be freed up to help at another.


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Photo Credit: Torcon, Inc. (photo of Rowan University-Rutgers Camden Board of Governors Joint Health Sciences Center, December 2017)