Amtrak’s Connect 2035 program will invest $117 billion to improve stations in cities along the Northeast Corridor over 15 years. It was previously announced that GBCA members Gilbane Building Company and Pride Enterprises, Inc. will be part of the building team for the Philadelphia 30th Street Station restoration and renovation.

From Smart Cities Dive:

The Northeast Corridor Commission plans a $117 billion, 15-year upgrade of Amtrak’s Washington, D.C.-New York-Boston route to increase capacity and reduce end-to-end travel time by up to an hour. Prior to the pandemic, the Corridor handled 260 million passenger trips on eight commuter railroads and Amtrak.

The Connect 2035 program includes 150 projects and will require the collaboration of Amtrak, state governments, commuter rail agencies and the U.S. Department of Transportation. …

“We haven’t as a country invested in our rail system for decades, and in that vacuum we’re left with a system that was built to operate decades ago,” said Joe McAndrew, vice president of regional mobility and infrastructure at the Greater Washington Partnership. …

Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station will undergo a major restoration and renovation. For the New York City region, the Connect 2035 program includes repair of the existing Hudson River tunnels, construction of a new two-track tunnel under the river, an expansion of Penn Station in Manhattan and replacement of the Portal Bridge in New Jersey. These are all part of the Gateway Program.