Remember to certify your 2021 Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction! As in previous years, employers and other stakeholders will be able to download Certificates of Participation and provide feedback on their experiences following their Stand-Down. Certificates are the main way OSHA receives feedback on how many employers participate and ideas for improvement, so that OSHA can evaluate the Stand-Down’s success and make changes in the future.

Once you submit this information, you will receive a certificate (a printable PDF document will display) with your business name, project title and level of participation (depending on the number of years of participation).



Please answer the optional questions about your Safety Stand-Down and give feedback about your campaign. Please note that you are not required to request a certificate and that if you choose to do so OSHA will not use the information or feedback you provide for any purpose other than evaluating the Stand-Down campaign and planning future outreach efforts. Also note that the certificate does not represent an assessment of compliance with OSHA standards at your worksite(s).

Items marked * are mandatory to print the certificate.

  1. Name of Business*:
  2. Project Title:
  3. State*: For International businesses, please select “NA”.
  4. Type of Industry*: (Choices include: Commercial or Residential Construction, Highway, Other Construction, Non-Construction, or Government)
  5. Number of Employees who participated*: (numbers ONLY field – no commas)
  6. Optional – Number of years of participation:
  7. Optional – Please tell us about your Stand-Down. What did you do? What materials did you use? How did it go? What do you expect to happen as a result of the Stand-Down? (Limit entry to 1500 characters.)
  8. Optional – How can we improve future initiatives like this? What could have been better? (Limit entry to 1500 characters.)


Thank you for supporting and participating in the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction!