GBCA’s Toolbox Talks Toolkit makes it easier to go paperless on the job site. You can conduct and create records of a toolbox talk completely from your mobile device. Here is one suggested way to do this:

Access Your Toolbox Talk

  • Get your toolbox talk by accessing the Toolbox Talks Toolkit by scanning the GBCA Safety QR Code (you can click below):
  • Many of our Toolbox Talks are mobile-friendly, but you can also download each one as a pdf.
  • Click here for tips on conducting an effective toolbox talk.

Keep a Digital Record of Your Toolbox Talk

To keep records, use GBCA’s Safety Toolbox Talk Sign-In Sheet. This is a fillable pdf form. When you download GBCA’s newer and featured Toolbox Talks (with the yellow “Safety Starts With Me” image on top), the Sign-In Sheet is included in the file. The Sign-In Sheet can also be accessed on its own directly from the Toolbox Talks Toolkit.



This will open in a web browser. We recommend downloading and opening the sheet in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a free program). The following screenshots are done from an iPhone. Button locations may vary on different devices.







  • To open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, first open the toolbox talk in your web browser by clicking on “DOWNLOAD” in the Toolbox Talk blog post.
  • Click on the open button (bottom of the screen) to be prompted to import/download and open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Once in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can click on any of the blue fields to type in data about the toolbox talk.
  • You can also include notes and questions. The box is big enough to see 5 lines, but you can continue entering as much text as you want (keep reading to find out how to see all of your notes and questions).

Add Signatures with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Just like signing with a pen to paper, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC allows you to mark up the pdf.

  • Click on the Edit Button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select “Comment.”
  • Using two fingers, zoom into the area where you’ll want to put the signature. You can turn your device to landscape to make this space larger.
  • Select the “Drawing” tool, the little pencil. Using their finger, a worker can draw in their signature.
  • Click “Done” (top left corner).
  • After everyone has signed the document, the Presenter should sign the sheet, verifying that the information about who attended the toolbox talk is correct. Follow the same steps above to add the signature.

Save Your Sign-In Sheet

  • Send yourself a copy of the filled in Toolbox Talk Sign-In Sheet by sharing it. You could save it in your Adobe Cloud if you have one, but you don’t need to sign into Adobe in order to send yourself a copy.
  • Click the “Share” button at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Share a Copy,” which will provide different options of apps to use to share the file. We recommend emailing a copy to yourself.
  • Save the pdf from your email and print a paper copy if necessary. If you had more than 5 lines worth of notes and questions, please read on to learn how to print them out.
  • Note: If you’ve downloaded one of GBCA’s newer featured Toolbox Talks (with the yellow “Safety Starts With Me” image on the top) and used the Sign-In Sheet in that file, then you’ve not only kept record of who attended the talk, but also of the talk itself, all in one file!

Access Notes and Questions (if amount exceeds 5 lines of text in the pdf)

  • If you had additional notes, unfortunately, it’s not possible to print them out in a paper copy directly from the pdf file. The following steps are only for when you need to print hard copies for documentation purposes.
  • Save the pdf to your computer and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Desktop (see above for the download link).
  • Click on the “+” sign at the bottom right of the “Notes and Questions” box. A scroll bar will appear and you’ll be able to see your notes.
  • Select and copy the text in the “Notes and Questions” box and paste them into a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word). Save that file and make sure that it’s saved with the original, filled-in Sign-In Sheet pdf file.
  • Do NOT “cut” the text from the pdf file. The pdf form will still have the text saved in it and serve as your electronic record.



Access GBCA’s full library of toolbox talks: