GBCA is not only creating a pipeline of skilled construction workers, but we are also helping ensure that the path to these meaningful careers is inclusive of all Philadelphians.

From the Philadelphia Business Journal:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), a key priority for GBCA, is steering these industry efforts.

“When it comes to equity and workforce development, we’re focused on three things: ensuring a level playing field for all Philadelphians who are interested in commercial construction; providing support that will help them build lasting careers; and connecting our members with the highly skilled, diverse talent they need,” says GBCA president and CEO Benjamin J. Connors, Esq. CAE.

That’s where programs like the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP) come in. CARP, a joint initiative between GBCA and the Carpenters Joint Apprentice Committee (JAC), reaches Philadelphians who don’t have a direct connection to the Carpenters’ Union, who once considered union commercial construction careers exclusive or closed off, and who don’t have any pre-existing trade skills. This pre-apprenticeship program provides exposure to all aspects of the trade, hands-on skills training, classroom education — namely in math, and networking opportunities. All of this prepares CARP graduates to take the apprenticeship exam, join the union, and get connected with a sponsor.