Devon Construction Inc. specializes in the installation of reinforcing steel and post tension cables. The company was founded in 1996 when the need for a reliable partner and skilled workforce in reinforcing steel and post tension construction was prevalent. Devon Construction Inc. was founded by Mechel Perry, who now serves as President. She has since been joined by Jim Perry, Field Director and Devon Perry, Operations Officer. Devon Construction Inc.’s mission is to provide high-quality service in a timely manner, prioritizing safety and precise reinforcement.

In the years since formation, Devon Construction Inc. has completed thousands of projects saving contractors time and money all while maintaining an exceptional safety record and reputation. Each year the company evaluates new software, tools, education offerings, and equipment to maintain a modern well-educated workforce. Devon Construction Inc. is a member of the Post-Tension Institute and receives regular training on post-tension cable installation and repair. Reinforcing is at the heart of every structure, and they take great pride in its significance.