Manna Supply, Inc. is a Philadelphia based, award winning MBE/WBE certified Small Business that operates as a wholesale vendor of electrical, mechanical/HVAC, telecommunications, safety/security, plumbing and general construction supply products. Manna Supply has been WBE/MBE certified for over 15 years and was founded in 1993 by Elaine Prince.

In 2019, two sisters, Shannon and Amanda Martin purchased Manna Supply and became the new face and owners of the company. They received their MBE, WBE, DBE and SDB certifications in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

Manna Supply is a one-stop shop as they provide a diversified range of products to contractors. By providing a range of products, they save the contractor time, energy, and the hassle it takes to quote.  They simplify the government contracting process by participating in all phases of the procurement process, providing accurate take-offs/Bill of Material, ensuring follow through to completion and meeting the submittal and delivery deadlines.