Since 1985, Hillmann Consulting, LLC has been providing a wide range of nationwide Environmental Health & Safety, Due Diligence & Remediation Management, and Construction Services across diverse market and project-types. Hillmann’s mission is simple: to make a better future for all the communities they touch. By linking its enduring company values with the values and priorities of their clients, Hillmann Consulting combines expert technical skills with a strong understanding of clients’ business objectives.

Hillmann’s nationwide team has touched over 500M SF of commercial real estate, lending insight on projects in all 50 states across the country. Its team-approach affords clients a multi-faceted view of the real estate and construction industry, lending expert insight to mitigate risk and materialize the built-environment. Hillmann is committed to ensuring human health and safety, serving communities where they work and live, and becoming a true business partner to clients.

Kayla Paonessa-DeJohn is the Business Development Manager.