This GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk discusses some basic tips for keeping your heart health and how to respond if someone on the jobsite has a cardiac event. Click below to download the Toolbox Talk as a handout (includes Sign-In Sheet).




Heart Health and Handling Cardiac Events

Construction work is physically demanding, whether the task is climbing ladders or carrying materials. A healthy heart muscle ensures that blood reaches our brain and muscles!

Heart attacks and other cardiac issues are becoming more frequent among American construction workers. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer for Americans: One in three deaths is caused by heart attack or stroke, approximately 800,000 fatalities each year.

While age and genetics are factors in heart health, diet, weight, and exercise are changeable habits that can lower the risk of heart disease.


Be Proactive: How to reduce the likelihood of having a cardiac event

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly: sixty minutes per day is recommended.
  • Monitor your blood pressure and other vital signs, especially if you have a family history of cardiac issues.
  • Get regular checkups with a physician. Use your birthday to remember to get a checkup.


Be Reactive: How to respond if you see someone have a cardiac event

  • Do your best to keep everyone calm. Take a deep breath before jumping into action.
  • Call 911 and give clear answers to the questions that you will be asked.
  • Alert any on-site first aid responders.
  • Make sure the incident area is safe for you to enter.
  • Use PPE such as latex gloves to protect yourself from blood-borne pathogens.
  • Use first aid if you’ve received training (most TV-shows and films do NOT count!).
  • Keep the area clear of personnel. Make a clear path to the patient for the rescue team.
  • Don’t move the patient with exception of a life threatening condition or situation.


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