On June 26 and August 19, GBCA filmed interviews and footage of workforce development programs in action for an upcoming video vignette. The video will highlight GBCA’s efforts to prepare Philadelphians for apprenticeship exams.

The two programs that the video will highlight are the Construction Apprentice Preparatory Program (CAPP) and the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP). We filmed a CAPP class, and CAPP and CARP graduates who are now working for Philadelphia D&M.

Thanks to the following individuals for filming with us!

  • Jamal Byrd, CAPP Graduate & Carpenters Apprentice, and CAPP Instructor
  • Kylee Pickens, CAPP, Executive Director
  • Michael Jackson, Philadelphia D&M, Vice President of Operations
  • Shu Hayes, CARP Graduate & Carpenters Apprentice
  • Terri Freeland, CARP, Program Director (featured, but not interviewed)
  • Tiara Welch, CARP Graduate & Carpenters Apprentice
  • Tom Duffy, Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship Committee & CARP, Instructor




About the Construction Apprenticeship Preparatory Program (CAPP)

The Construction Apprentice Preparatory Program is an education program addressing the employment disparity existing in the construction industry. CAPP focuses on enhancing the scholastic aptitude of residents in the tri-state area who are interested in pursuing a career in the construction and building trade unions. CAPP immerses itself into the community and establishes relationships with the students, local unions and sponsoring agencies.

About the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP)

In partnership with the Carpenters Joint Apprentice Committee of Philadelphia & Vicinity, The United Brotherhood of Carpenters, and the General Building Contractors of America, CARP is 9 week long, apprentice ready training program that gives participants math and skills training and prepares Philadelphia residents to take the Carpenters Apprenticeship Exam and begin careers in union carpentry.