Guthrie Glass & Metal, Inc., is looking for talented individuals to join its team as a Project Manager, Warehouse Manager, and CDL Driver.

Project Manager

Essential Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee construction projects from beginning to end.
  • Manage the budget and estimate costs.
  • Coordinate purchasing activities based on lead times and schedule requirements.
  • Ensure all deadlines are met.
  • Go through building connected to assign estimators to certain jobs depending on the
    location of work.
  • Perform construction takeoffs of plans and drawings for projects.
  • Request pricing from suppliers for various materials as specified in drawings and project
  • Annotate drawings and prepare RFI’s for any unclear or missing information pertaining
    to scope then send to Architects.
  • Draft proposal for finished estimates with detailed list of duties to be performed.
  • Submit final proposals through Building Connected.
  • Schedule follow up meetings with General Contractors to track status of submitted job
  • Submit sample orders and transmittals to General Contractors upon request.
  • Attend bi-weekly project management group meetings providing possible insight to team.
  • Periodically visit on-going job sites.
  • Manage the project scope

Warehouse Manager

Essential Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Warehouse & Facilities organization
  • Maintain tools and equipment
  • Maintain Shop Consumables
  • Coordinate Deliveries from suppliers
  • Safety

CDL Driver

Essential Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Attendance/Responsibility
  • Vehicle Responsibilities
  • Warehouse Labor
  • TBD rest of responsibilities at the end of the first month.