McCarthy & Company, PC, is pleased to announce that David E. Gibbs, CPA, CRE, MBA, has been awarded the CRE® (Counselor of Real Estate) designation by The Counselors of Real Estate®, an international group of high-profile real estate professionals who provide expert advisory services to clients on complex real property and land-related matters. The credential was awarded in June 2021.

David specializes in real estate and construction accounting and tax. His extensive knowledge of the tax law gives him the ability to recommend elections that are unique to the construction industry.

David is the accountant that you want behind any transaction. He knows the tax implications for contractors and will recommend the best elections. David is well-respected for his knowledge of the tax law, as well as real estate and construction accounting.

Martin C. McCarthy, CPA, CCIFP, Managing Partner, McCarthy & Co., PC

A Counselor of Real Estate provides intelligent, unbiased real estate advice that achieves the best results for a client. Among the most respected real estate specialists in the industry, Counselors work on complex projects and important assignments, effectively run real estate businesses, and are known for innovation and creative problem solving.

Only 1,000 professionals in all disciplines of real estate hold the CRE credential in the United States and 20 additional countries.  Less than 1% are accountants. Membership is selective and extended by invitation, although commercial real estate practitioners with 10 years of proven experience may apply.

Members of The Counselors of Real Estate, which was established in 1953, are commercial property professionals from leading real estate, financial, law, valuation, and business advisory firms, as well as real property experts in academia and government.