GBCA wants to all construction workers to be safe on the job site and to go home alive and healthy every day.

Safety Starts with Me

We are all responsible for building a culture of safety on our jobsites. One step is to make sure that we’re all equipped with the knowledge of how to stay safe. In 2020, GBCA is launching a QR code that will help workers access safety resources. The QR code will be featured on safety materials, hard hat stickers, and high-vis shirts.

Our new QR code leads to our latest mobile-friendly toolbox talks, allowing the following:

  • Foremen and supervisors don’t need to print out toolbox talks
  • Foremen and supervisors can easily access GBCA’s library of toolbox talks, including talks about OSHA’s Focus Four Hazards and safety tips during COVID-19 response.
  • Workers can read along if they are standing further away because of social distancing


The Toolbox Talk Toolkit includes,

  • GBCA’s latest featured toolbox talks
  • COVID-19 related toolbox talks
  • OSHA Focus Four Hazards toolbox talks
  • Access to all GBCA toolbox talks

We will be mailing hard hat stickers featuring the QR code to our members. We hope that this helps our members create a culture of safety and make it easier to access safety information!