GBCA recently sent our contractor members hard hat stickers featuring our new QR code. Scan it to access our new Toolbox Talks Toolkit! You can now easily access GBCA’s mobile-friendly Toolbox Talks on your mobile devices. You can also reduce paper on the jobsite, an important consideration during COVID-19 response.

In the Toolbox Talks Toolkit, you’ll find our three most recently featured Toolbox Talks, as well as more Toolbox Talks organized by hazard type. We’re still adding hazards, but all of our toolbox talks can be found on our website.

We hope that the QR code and these stickers will help our members build strong safety cultures. Please take and share with us photos of workers getting and using the new stickers and QR code! Let’s remind everyone that GBCA members are dedicated to safety, and finding better ways to make safety resources accessible!

Send your photos to Byron Lee by email (click below), or by phone at 267-606-5300.


Still not sure what this is all about? Scan the QR code below (or click on it) and check out our Toolbox Talks Toolkit!