On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, GBCA’s Board of Directors celebrated the roles and careers of three individuals who have made significant impacts to the organization: Joseph P. Clearkin, Michael Stepnowski, and Roseann Rotz.

First, the Board recognized Joseph P. Clearkin of James J. Clearkin, Inc., who served as the Chairman of the Board in 2019-2020. Joe is the third generation of leaders from James J. Clearkin, Inc. to serve GBCA as Chairman of the Board (James J. Clearkin, Sr., 1964-1965; James J. Clearkin, Jr., 1990-1991)!

The Board then recognized Michael Stepnowski, of Stepnowski Bros., Inc., who stepped down from the Board as he prepares for retirement. During his time on the Board, Mike regularly advocated for smaller general contractors and reminded the board of how different policies would affect commercial contractors of all sizes.

The Board also recognized Roseann Rotz, GBCA’s Administrative Assistant, who is retiring after over 37 years working at GBCA. Roseann thanked the board for their support over the years, and for making the organization one that she has been proud to be a part of for so many years.


The evening was filled with stories, laughter, tears, hugs, and great affection.

We thank Joe, Mike, and Roseann for everything that they’ve done (and are still doing!) for GBCA, and will miss them dearly.