GBCA’s latest Philadelphia Business Journal article highlights the importance of our relationship with the 300-year-old Carpenters’ Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, which set the foundation of standards for building in the early days of Philadelphia.

From the Philadelphia Business Journal:

As Philadelphia evolved, so did the nature of construction. By the late 1800s, industrialization was well underway, forever changing building processes and leading to greater specialization in the industry. As specialized trades and professions emerged, including non-carpentry trades, architects and engineers, the Carpenters’ Company shifted much of its focus to preserving the rich history of Carpenters’ Hall for the public to enjoy….

Beyond the Carpenters’ Company’s efforts to preserve Carpenters’ Hall and the important history surrounding the organization, it, too, remains an influential association that brings builders, architects and engineers together for the good of Philadelphia.

“The Carpenters’ Company is all about connecting the past, present and future,” says Norris. “We do that by creating space for dialogue and fellowship among the built community. No one is living, working or building in this city in isolation. Together, we have to carefully thread the needle between history, preservation and the modern built environment.”

This complements GBCA’s work on a number of fronts, as the association unlocks the power of union commercial construction to help Philadelphia — and Philadelphians — thrive.