March 6-12, 2022, was Women in Construction Week. To celebrate the role women have in Philadelphia’s construction industry, GBCA spotlighted five women who own and operate construction businesses, or who are safety professionals in the Philadelphia region.


As a business owner, I’m proud of the role I play in building and creating spaces where people work, live, and play. I love that every day brings new and different challenges. I learn something new every day because no two projects are the same.

Pamela Fly, President, P.A. Fly Contracting, Inc.




Employee safety is so critical to a successful project and how that impacts the end user is what continually drives me. Knowing that I was a small part of building a space for a potential cure, labor delivery, or successful hospital operations etc. is really awe inspiring.

Kim Esposito, Director of Safety & Risk Management, HSC Builders & Construction Managers




As a laborer I am always doing something different: bulking out, patching holes or sweeping, whatever the day calls for. As an LFD laborer, I wear many hats, including public interaction. We are the front line of the company we work for.

Marie Affatato, Laborer Foreman, LF Driscoll




I love driving around the city and seeing what my team has accomplished. I also love to connect and form life-long relationships with some of the greatest people in construction.

Gwendolyn Sims, E.C. Fence & Iron Works, Inc.




In helping the teams create a safe jobsite, we are able to work in a safe environment & know that if there are any issues or questions, workers will be heard. I am involved with the team from the very beginning to help identify the high hazard activities and plan mitigation controls. To then see our planning put into place and see how the work can be achieved is amazing.

Jenn Hall, P. Agnes, Inc.




Click below to see a full list of GBCA members that are certified Women-Owned Business Enterprises:



About Women in Construction Week

WIC Week was founded by The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) which includes over 115 chapters across the country. NAWIC offers its members education, support, and networking to help advance their careers in construction, build their technical skills, and become leaders.