D’Angelo Bros., Inc. performs deep foundation excavation, shoring and underpinning as well as a full range of site work construction. Services include geotechnical engineering and design, excavation, sheeting, shoring, tiebacks, underpinning, micropiles, soil nailing, site work construction, sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, site concrete and asphalt paving. 

Founded in 1906, shortly after Frank and Joseph D’Angelo arrived in America from southern Italy. They began by doing excavation work, which in those days was done by hand, using a pick and shovel and loaded into horse drawn “drop bottom” wagons. They worked on many row homes being built throughout the city constructing the stone foundations and the cement work required.  In the 1950’s, the company transitioned into commercial building projects. Today, the company is in the third and fourth generation of continuous ownership and management. They have done excavation, shoring and sitework for many landmark projects in the Philadelphia area including the Kimmel Center, Comcast Tower and the new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center.

Stephen J. D’Angelo is President.