Joseph Dugan, Inc., based in the Delaware Valley, is one of the largest specialty masonry restoration and waterproofing contractors in the Tri-State region.  They have extensive experience in the field of masonry restoration and waterproofing, performing work on some of the largest and well known buildings in the area.

Water penetration and general weathering of building materials causes millions of dollars of damage to buildings and parking garages every year.  In time, every structure becomes vulnerable to this specific damage.  Whether building owners want to prevent water infiltration, maintain their properties, or repair existing damage, Joseph Dugan, Inc. employs the specialists to implement the necessary solutions.

Joseph Dugan, Inc. has extensive experience in masonry and concrete restoration, having performed repairs to high-rise facades, apartment and condo balconies, and parking garages.  Joseph Dugan, Inc., working in conjunction with area engineers, uses only the latest equipment and repair materials, along with proven repair techniques, to solve basic and complex repairs of any structural or decorative elements.

Joseph Dugan, Inc. is committed to solving waterproofing challenges and problems using such waterproofing repair methods such as lintel and shelf angle flashing replacement, chemical grout crack injection, crack routing and sealing, expansion joint repair and replacement, sealant removal and replacement, deck coating systems, wall coating systems, and below grade waterproofing repair and replacement.

Joseph Dugan, Inc. is committed to increased adaptation of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry.  They are proactive in their effort to become more environmentally efficient and provide their customers with solutions that qualify for additional LEED points.

Joseph Dugan, Inc. was founded by Joseph T. Dugan in 1972. He is the Owner and President of the company. Colton Heimer was recently promoted to CEO of the company.