Established in 1999, EDA Contractors, Inc., specializes on the exterior envelope of all commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.  EDA’s exterior envelope includes Wall Panels and Accessories, Air and Vapor Barriers, Roofing, Sheet Metal, Waterproofing, and Vegetative Roof systems.  EDA concentrates on these disciplines in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland.

EDA’s objective is to provide every customer with the most thorough and comprehensive performance in the industry.  EDA is dedicated to continuously educate themselves regarding the ever-changing disciplines in their field.  The partnership EDA has with their suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, and consultants allows them to broaden their education foundation, which insures that their customers are receiving the optimum consideration.  EDA’s commitment to maintain a strong financial balance sheet also allows them to have sound relationships with their banking, bonding, and insurance partners. EDA wants to earn your trust with their follow through and delivery.  EDA, most definitely, enjoys the challenge!!

EDA’s new logo, which includes the tagline “Successful Together” is their broad statement of the value they have with their relationships with its partners.  Their belief is that in order to achieve greatness, you need dedicated associates to help achieve that goal.  EDA and their partners are linked together because of the joint-venture of their dedication to quality, and the pride required to deliver as promised.  In addition, EDA’s selective partners are chosen due to their belief in providing their staff and customers with the required support needed to deliver a superior product.  Most importantly, EDA has an equal belief that excellence is achieved by motivating valuable partnerships.

EDA’s growth into the future will be led by its exceptional employees who have embraced EDA’s uniqueness and caring culture.  EDA has the ability to self-perform many disciplines on the exterior façade which allows the company to provide their 10-year workmanship warranty a.k.a. The EDA Envelope ™ that is unprecedented in this industry.

Ed DeAngelis is President of EDA Contractors, Inc.