McKinney Drilling Company is the leading drilled shaft foundation company in North America. For 70 years, they have provided clients with foundation services such as drilled shafts, auger cast piles, driven piles or low clearance work using the most advanced equipment available. McKinney Drilling Company maintains one of the largest fleets of drilling equipment in the world. Their experienced engineers and expert technicians ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently.

McKinney Drilling Company was founded in 1937 by the late Jack and Richard McKinney. Primarily in the road and bridge construction business, the brothers saw a need to improve and expedite the foundations of bridges they were constructing. Before McKinney Drilling Company, most piers and foundations were large square piers dug by hand. With the help of longtime friend, Hugh B. Williams, the McKinney brothers helped to pioneer and develop the mechanized drilling machine used throughout the industry today. In 2002, McKinney was acquired by Keller, an international ground engineering specialist.

Jim Asmus is the Philadelphia District Manager.