GBCA member O’Donnell & Nacarrato is sending a reminder that June 30, 2018 is the deadline for Philadelphia’s next façade inspection.


Which Buildings Are Affected?

All buildings in Philadelphia of six or more stories, or with appurtenances in excess of 60 feet, must be inspected at least every five years as mandated by the City’s Facade Inspection Ordinance. Buildings with a date of construction between 1971-1980 or 2007-2008 (10 years old) are required to be inspected by June 30th.

O’Donnell & Nacarrato has a Rope Access Team, dedicated to rappelling down the sides of even Philadelphia’s tallest buildings.


Prepare for Inspection by downloading O’Donnell & Nacarrato’s Building Owners’ Guide. It includes upcoming deadlines and helpful tips to get ready for inspection.


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