On Friday, October 12, 2018, GBCA Director of Safety Services, Frank Durso, visited the offices of Pullman SST in preparation of several safety site visits that he’ll attend on Pullman job sites later this year. Frank met with Pullman SST’s Greater Philadelphia Branch Manager, Andy Garver, Estimating Manager/Business Development, Tom Gormley, and Industrial Division Manager, David McGee (pictured above).

At this visit, Frank learned more about Pullman’s Safety 24/7 Re-Boot Program. Launched earlier in 2018, this program focuses on instilling a culture of safety among workers by working through the book, Safety 24/7: Building an Incident-Free Culture by Gregory M. Anderson & Robert L. Lorber, Ph.D. The 1 week program involves a daily Toolbox Talk, each covering the material from 2 chapters of the book.

The Safety 24/7 Re-Boot Program introduces Pullman’s safety culture to newer employees, and re-establish Pullman’s commitment to safety for everyone. Another principle driving the program is that even the best workers need reminders to stay focused and stay on task when it comes to safety.

Last year, Pullman’s Philadelphia Branch celebrated over 365 days without injuries. It was also awarded 3 GBCA Project Safety Awards at the 2018 GBCA Safety Awards Reception, which honored projects completed without OSHA-reported incidents.