Tuition Reimbursement

Designed to provide continuing education on construction related topics, GBCA’s Tuition Reimbursement Program is available to employees of GBCA member firms, and participants in the GBCA-administered Industry Advancement Program (IAP).

Curriculum and Eligibility

GBCA offers tuition reimbursement to individuals taking construction-related courses at participating schools (see list in the Tuition Reimbursement Guide below). GBCA tuition reimbursement is available to the following people:

  • Employees, both field and firm personnel, of Active and Associate member companies and companies that contribute to the GBCA administered Industry Advancement Program (IAP).
  • IAP contributors at a minimum must contribute $2,000 per year to participate – this is measured based on the full-calendar year previous to the student’s application.
  • Apprentices, regardless of trade, must be in at least their 3rd year.

Do not apply for enrollment unless you are certain you can complete the course(s). If you are accepted into a course and discover that you cannot attend, notify GBCA’s Education Department and the university immediately. Students who drop a class or are dropped from a class, are ineligible to receive tuition reimbursement from GBCA for one year. Tuition reimbursement is at the discretion of GBCA.

If you are unsure if your company is a GBCA member or IAP contributor, please contact Meg Ginsberg at 215-568-7015 or

Registration & Approval Process

  • You must first apply and receive approval from GBCA before enrolling with the college or university.
  • After receiving approval from GBCA you must register directly with the appropriate educational institution.
  • GBCA’s Acknowledgement Form and Release of Grades must be signed and returned before the approved course begins.

Limitations and Conditions

  • GBCA is only responsible for the basic cost of the course and will not cover items such as text books, lab fees, etc.
  • Tuition for out-of-state and out-of-country students or any other tuition-increasing reason is the responsibility of the student, no exceptions.
  • Students are required to pay the educational institution or partner up front and must receive a minimum grade of ‘B’ or better in order to qualify for their reimbursement.
  • Approved students must sign and return the Acknowledgement Form and Release of grades prior to beginning class. By participating you are agreeing to provide GBCA with an official transcript and invoice upon completion of approved course. We urge you to confirm the day and time of individual courses with each educational institution, as they are subject to change. No course substitutions will be permitted for any reason.
  • Employees of GBCA Active and Associate members and IAP contributing firms are eligible to be reimbursed up to $2,000.00 per semester, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Limited space is available at each institution and, tuition reimbursement is at the discretion of GBCA.

See the courses included in our Tuition Reimbursement Guide at each partnering educational institution.

Please refer to the Tuition Reimbursement Guide, or university websites below, for descriptions of each course. Times, dates, and locations are subject to change. Please verify with the institution.

Look below to learn more about local construction-related courses and programs.

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