On March 9, President Joe Biden visited the Finishing Trades Institute of the Mid Atlantic Region (FTI-MAR) in Philadelphia, to deliver his budget address.

From The Architectural Glass Institute:

The President spoke about everyone having an even shot, including unions, small businesses, and farms by lifting the burden on hard-working Americans by bringing down everyday costs. This principle can be specifically applied to the commitment of organizations like AGI, the Architectural Glass & Metal Association (AGMA), District Council 21, and the FTI-MAR.

As the President later celebrated, the glazing program within the FTI was the first program in the country to confer associate degrees on apprentices at the end of their apprenticeship. Not only do apprentices work full-time and earn a living while they earn a degree, the apprentice school is entirely self-funded out of the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between labor and management. That commitment to budget funds to education shows the value placed on investing in new technologies, new techniques, and new methods of learning to deliver accurate and timely installations.