Jon and Jamie Wybar of GBCA member Revolution Recovery appear on a recent episode of the Construction Greatness with Nicholas Ofak podcast.



In this episode, Jon and Jamie share bits of their journey into the recycling industry, the first tough years in business, and how they stay committed to keeping up the hard work. We also talk about hazardous waste, how they deal with it, and their actions to keep their personnel and themselves safe. We went through their entrepreneurial background, what motivated them when they were young, and they kindly gave their take on the best way to lead a company.

Some Questions Asked:

  • You mentioned that 9/11 kind of guided your path. Could you talk a bit about that? (3:45)
  • You have three offices, two in PA and one in Delaware. How quickly were those offices built? (11:23)
  • Could you talk a bit about LEED management and your LEED program? (16:09)
  • Where do you see Revolutionary Recovery going? Do you see it growing further to where you’re at now? (31:20)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit of Jon and Jamie Wybar’s story (4:01)
  • How it all started in 2006 (8:20)
  • How Revolution Recovery deals with hazardous waste (17:09)
  • What happens with the things that are not supposed to be dumped (23:09)
  • Honesty and fairness. Jon and Jamie talk about their style of conducting a company and treating their employees (37:43)