Bittenbender Construction is once again working on Franklin Square! On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Franklin Square fountain renovation. The fountain, originally built in 1837, was previously restored in 2006 as part of Franklin Square’s overall revitalization, also completed by Bittenbender Construction. It is the oldest functioning public water fountain in the country and the longest surviving fountain in one of William Penn’s original five squares in the city.


From the Philadelphia Business Journal:

The historic fountain and centerpiece at Franklin Square in the Chinatown neighborhood of Philadelphia will undergo a $2 million renovation that will culminate in new choreographed water shows.

Historic Philadelphia Inc., the nonprofit managing and operating Franklin Square, is embarking on a $2 million renovation project for its 180-year-old fountain, pegged as the oldest refurbished and functioning public water fountain in the United States.

The renovation comprises newly installed waterworks, LED lighting and five different types of water effects: air-powered nozzles, geysers, swivels, three-axis fan nozzles and variojets. The Franklin Square Fountain Show will debut in 2019, and it will include music, lights and all-day choreographed water shows.