At the 2018 GBCA Annual Meeting on January 22, 2018, GBCA celebrated the accomplishments of the association and its members. At the event, GBCA also recognized some individuals for their specific achievements.

Philip Radomski of Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc. (pictured above) was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Director Award. Radomski has served on the GBCA Board of Directors for twenty-five years, and served as chairman of the board in 2006-2007. He was instrumental in building a stronger GBCA over the years, serving as the Chair on multiple committees, and growing the Young Executives Group – now known as the Construction Leadership Council. He is the Vice President of Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc., and has been a member of GBCA since 1957.

GBCA also honored the graduates of the Supervisory Training Program (STP). Congratulations to Steven Altimari, Michael Didomenico, Tom Duffy (not pictured), Stephen Fairley, Ryan Foster, John Hallman, Glenn Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Matthew Larochelle, Ryan McGill (not pictured), Scott Moyer, Matthew Munizza, Richard Smyth, and Matthew Wahl! GBCA looks forward to supporting you in your future educational endeavors. Best of luck!

Click below to see more photos from the 2018 GBCA Annual Meeting, which featured Ron Jaworski as the featured speaker: