GBCA’s history extends back beyond the founding of this nation, and some of our member companies also have long histories in Philadelphia. Some of these members have been doing business in Philadelphia for over 50 years, and they have evolved along with the construction industry: they continue to create innovative construction techniques, incorporate new technologies, and never forget about the value of strong relationships with their clients and communities.

1918 was a year of particular significance, it is the year that James J. Clearkin, Inc., the family company of GBCA board chairman, Joseph P. Clearkin, was established. Another year of note was 1954, the year C. Erickson & Sons, Inc., was founded. GBCA board member, Michael G. Erickson is now the executive vice president. We recently spoke with GBCA Board Chairman Joseph Clearkin and GBCA Board Member Michael Erickson to get their thoughts on the longevity of their companies, and about the evolution of Philadelphia’s construction industry.

Joseph P. Clearkin, GBCA Board Chairman:

“It is an honor to be able to carry on in my grandfather’s and my dad’s, Jim Jr.’s, footsteps. Our attention to detail remains the same — and the personal touch when working with James J. Clearkin, Inc. You know that you will always be dealing with a Clearkin in every capacity. “

Michael G. Erickson, GBCA Board Member:

“Being a builder gives you the unique ability to experience your accomplishments for decades. I can look at the skyline and know we contributed to the success of the city.”


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