From The Philadelphia Public Record:


As business manager of Laborers’ District Council of Philadelphia & Vicinity, [Ryan N.] Boyer is integral to the construction and rehabilitation boom that is the most-prominent feature of Philadelphia in this decade. But his leadership extends into important public bodies as well. …

Business is booming for the Laborers of Southeastern Pennsylvania, like most of their brothers and sisters in other building trades. Philadelphia is on a development binge that it hasn’t seen since the 1950s. Somebody has to build all these new buildings and restore all these old ones; and somebody has to do it right.

Laborers have played a key role in nailing this assignment, asserted Boyer. “Our man-hours are unparalleled in their workforce unity; our esprit de corps can’t be beat. We are partners with our construction companies in getting the job done efficiently and expertly.”

LDC represents 5,900 members, 900 of whom are pensioners. It manages a pension fund of $1.2 billion – it is jointly managed with 100% member contribution. Its members typically work for union-oriented contractors represented by the General Building Contractors Association, Contractors Association of Eastern Pennsylvania, Interior Finish Contractors Association, Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association and many asbestos-removal companies, to name a few.


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